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Dear Partner,

In 2018, as part of the continuous development of HUNGEXPO – which has been the market-leader of the domestic exhibition industry for over 50 years, as well as serving as a definitive exhibition organizing company in Central Eastern Europe – it has launched its HOMEDesign Autumn event. The first HOMEDesign Autumn exhibition organized in 2018 was a success! 4 countries - 106 exhibitors - 16,686 visitors

15th JUNE 2019

Exhibition and Fair for Home Making
11 -13 October 2019

Click on the video and get an insight into the atmosphere and programs of the exhibition!

If you are interested in the first event's summary and visitor analysis write an email to our colleagues!

The objective of HOMEDesign Autumn is to present visitors with solutions for the quality design and furnishing of interiors, providing inspiration for this and reinforcing the design approach within the field of interior decoration.

The timing of the event is focused on the weekend, in order to provide the widest possible access to the base target group, the general audience. The first day of the three-day event (Friday) will cater to home decorators, interior designers and the representatives of the design profession with profession events.

The accompanying events, which represent a high level of professional quality and receive a great deal of interest from the general audience, thus reinforcing the popularity of the event, will be hosted in the same space as the exhibitors.

The event will again be shaped, developed and organized with the support and cooperation of the distinguished members of the design profession.

  • Our strategic partner is Design Week Budapest (with logo)
  • Cooperation partners
    • Association of Hungarian Furniture and Woodworking Industry (with logo)
    • Hungarian Design Council – Hungarian Intellectual Property Office
    • BKSZC Kozma Lajos Woodworking Vocational Secondary School
    • National Association of Interior Designers


  • Professional and general audience events hosted by the Furniture Association
  • Collective presentation of textile designers
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Interior design counselling
  • VIP evening for exhibitors and professionals


Integrate our event in your business strategy and create further growth opportunities for your company.


MS. ANGÉLA KATONA exhibition director
e-mail: katona.angela@hungexpo.hu
Phone: (+36-1) 263-6025

MS. EMESE MOLNÁR sales manager
e-mail: molnar.emese@hungexpo.hu
Phone:  (+36-1) 263-6194

MS. NÓRA POPOVICS sales manager
e-mail: popovics.nora@hungexpo.hu
Phone:  (+36-1) 263-6103

We hope you find our new exhibition interesting.

We look forward to your apply!

                                           Ms. Krisztina Szilvási                   Ms. Angéla Katona
                                            commercial director                    exhibition director